General Supplier

Product Category

Pneumatic, Controller, and Motor

Product list: Air Cylinder, Solenoid Valve, Power Supply, Regulator, HMI Touchsreen, Servo Motor and Driver, Linear Motor Guide, Temperature Control, Sensor, Hose Tubing, Etc.

General Solvent, Industrial Chemical, and Lubricant

Product List: Mold Protector Spray, Stamping Oil, Blanking Oil, Compressor Oil, Slide Way Oil Proserpine SW, Hydroulic Oil, Etc.

Industrial Accessories 

Product List: Impraboard, Wastafel Application, KSS Cable Gland, Rubber Packing / Gasket, Trolley Wheel, Warehouse Application, Etc.

Soldering Tools and Instruments Equipment

Product List: Solder tip, Soldering Iron, Oscilloscope, Ampere meter, Electric screw driver, Digital multimeter, LCR Hi-meter, Flux clamp meter, Etc

SMT Equipment

Product List: Nozzle, Cleaning Weeper, Vacuum Ejector, Shaft, Driver, Harness Cable, Etc

Safety Equipment

Product List: Fire extinguisher,  Sprinkle pendant, Alarm valve, Fire hose, Fire blanket, Machino Coupling, Toa horn speaker, Safety mirror, Etc.

Heater System

Product List: Band heater, Cable heater, Cable thermocouple, Cast in heater, Catridge Heaters, Strip Heater, Tubular Heater, Etc

IT System

Product List: Computer equipment, attendance system, Etc.